Q. How do you charge?

A. Our pricing is based on number of panes. Please see next question for a definition of pane. When the customer asks how we price, explain to them what a pane is and ask them to come up with a rough count so you can provide them with a sight-unseen estimate. Remind them that on the day of their appointment, their technician will confirm count and price before getting started. Like this:

“A pane is basically each piece of glass. A good example is a window that slides up and down to open which typically has two panes: one on the top and one on the bottom. If you could come up with a rough count of the number of panes you have, I can give you an estimate! If you schedule an appointment with us, our techs will make sure to confirm count and cost you with before getting started.”

Q. What constitutes a ‘pane’?

A. A ‘pane’ is defined as each individual piece of glass. For example, a double-hung window typically has two panes: the top pane and the bottom pane that slides up and down to open. Basically, each time the technician would need to lift up their squeegee and move to a new piece of glass would be considered a pane.

Q. So if I want inside and out, do I count one for inside and one for out?

A. You do not need to count double for the inside surface and the outside surface. Simply get a count of the number of panes; we have one set of pricing for in and out and one set of pricing for out only.

Q. How do you count storm windows?

A. Storm windows are counted as additional panes. As the customer to look at one of their windows and count the number of pieces of glass in it. Then add 1 pane to whatever they tell you for dismantling (taking apart) the storm.

Q. What is your rain policy?

A. The day before your appointment, someone from our office will give you a call to remind you of your appointment, confirm an hour arrival window, and discuss any potential weather issues. Appointments that need to be postponed due to weather are scheduled for the next available date in that area.

Q. How many technicians come out and/or how long will the job take?

A. You will have either one or two technicians on the day of your job. This depends on the size and particulars of the route to which you are assigned and we do not assign routes until the day before your appointment. Time really depends on the number of window panes, whether you have one or two techs, and any other issues that might make the job more time-consuming. We’re able to give you a ballpark figure for time, but on the day of your appointment the tech can let you know how long he thinks it will take during the initial count.

Q. What do you use for pressure washing? Is there an extra cost for getting rid of mold/mildew, etc?

A. We use only water for pressure washing. We do not use detergents, solutions, sealant, etc.

A. Base price for pressure washing of a standard 2-story home is $149; a 3-story home base price is $189. This is the price for a basic “house wash” of the siding of your home. Anything outside of these perimeters can be assessed by your technician at the time of service.

Q. We have really big and/or tall windows. How do you count those?

A. Windows larger than 4×4 are counted as two panes.

Q. How often should I have my windows washed?

A. To help protect your windows from damage, we recommend having windows cleaned
at least once per year. For aesthetically pleasing purposes, bi-annual
cleaning is recommended.

Q. What can I do to keep my windows clean for a longer period of time?

A. Having your house pressure washed before the windows are cleaned is one
of the best ways you can prevent your windows from getting dirty. Pressure
washing eliminates the dirt from your siding, preventing it from washing
onto your windows.

Q. What sets Blue Skies apart from similar companies ?

A. We believe what sets us apart is our excellent customer service and the
quality of our workmanship. When you work with us, you have access to
a satisfaction guarantee and a promise that you’re getting great service
at a great price. All our employees have had background checks, are thoroughly
trained and are fully insured.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us today at (952) 467-2447.