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Why we provide home cleaning & maid service:

Too much at home, too much at work, and not enough time to recharge. You prioritize and triage your way through each day. Things could be run smoother, but how? Where’s the time?

You’ve found that you’re constantly trying to keep up, feeling like you’re not making the progress you want, then it might be time to outsource something. You’re not as happy as you could be.

That’s why we started this business – to provide outlets for people. We wanted to be a trusted source for outsourcing the things that need to get done but don’t require you to be the one physically doing it. The more we can take care of for you, the more you can take care of the things and people who need you.

A cleaner home environment. A cleaner to-do list. Fewer things nagging at you in the back of your mind. Having a thoroughly clean home is one of those things that makes your day-to-day life easier. An easier day-to-day life creates an overall higher quality living.

There is less physical and mental distraction when your home is clean. You can get ready for the day faster, prepare meals faster and actually enjoy the downtime you need because you have one less thing lingering in the back of your mind at the end of the day — because at the end of the day, you just want it to be the end of the day, already.

Having your cleaning outsourced frees up your time and your mind, allowing you to focus on the things that can’t be outsourced — career, friends, family, faith, personal hobbies (remember those?) and other things that require your presence and no one else’s.

If you haven’t experienced what that kind of outsourcing is like, now is your time.

Cleaning services we offer:

  • Maid service
    • Recurring maid service
      • (once a month, every two weeks, every four weeks)
    • One-time deep cleaning service
      • (move-in or move-out cleans, cleanings before parties, before having guests or for a seasonal reset)
  • Exterior/Interior home cleaning services
    • Window cleaning (interior cleaning, exterior cleaning or both)
    • Gutter cleaning
    • Roof cleaning (Yes — we can get those black streaks off your roof!)
    • Siding cleaning (a safe soft washing method)
    • Power washing ( aka pressure washing)
    • Christmas/holiday light hanging
    • Chandelier cleaning
    • Coach light cleaning

About our services:

  • No obligation, no contract: If you’re looking for recurring cleaning service (every four weeks, two weeks, every week or more frequent) then you can start and quit at any time with no cancellation period, cancellation fee or penalty of any kind. You only pay for the service you receive.
  • Our cleaners are employees, not contractors: This allows consistent training and daily training, management and quality customer service from everyone on our staff. Our goal is to make people’s days. The best way to do that is creating a committed team of employees who work together closely everyday.
  • We’re bonded/insured: It’s not just about hiring people you trust, it’s about having peace of mind. We believe bonded/insured should be the minimum requirement for working in someone’s home!
  • We bring our own equipment: Vacuums, multiple microfiber cloths, green cleaning products, dusters, brushes, plastic scrapers, tall and small garbage bags to refill your trash cans, no-mess mops and other equipment. You don’t have to provide anything!
  • We use green cleaning products: Our priority is creating a clean, comfortable environment and not having to worry about the products we use!
  • We work in teams of two: This is to provide higher quality, faster cleanings and oversight from our Team Leader, who leads each two-person crew.
  • Courteous staff: Know that when you see and talk with our cleaners, they can help you with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

We’d love to hear from you! Call (952) 467-2447 and we’ll get you started.