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There comes a time when you realize you can’t do it all yourself. There is just too much. Your day is full, the chores that keep your home and schedule running smoothly are getting bumped for the more immediate fires you need to put out. These chores get backed up, making it harder to put those fires out in your work, family and personal schedule.

It’s time to delegate those things that need to get done but don’t require you to execute it. Home cleaning, something you may be used to doing yourself, is one of those things that when completed, makes your schedule run smoother and your mind less cluttered. Home cleaning not only provides a healthy home, a more relaxed environment and one less thing to worry about, but it also saves you hours of time.

But where to begin? Delegation is all about trust. Like finding a mechanic, a chiropractor or a plumber, it can be difficult to know what home cleaner to trust. We have a few guidelines:

  • The cleaner should be bonded and insured: If an accident happens, you do not want to be left on the hook. Repairs would be at no cost to you. We are fully bonded and insured, and we keep our insurance agent very bored and happy thanks to our well-trained, effective staff.
  • Look in the hard to reach places: Is there dust on the top of the refrigerator? Are door handles and cabinet handles dirty? How, dare we ask, does it look behind the toilet? How about smudges and fingerprints on light switches? A home cleaner not only gets the high traffic areas of your home, but the overlooked and out of site areas. We work in teams of two and perform ongoing quality checks to ensure that your home looks as good as it possibly could.
  • Background checks: For some cleaning companies, hiring someone who shows up on time and does a good job is enough to make a living. That is not enough for us. We perform background checks, have a thorough training program and double-check work to exceed customer standards.
  • It should make life simpler: It’s why you considered home cleaning in the first place. You should come home to a clean home, no questions asked, no hassle. It’s just done. Things are where they should be. The counters shine. The floors are clear. Crisp, clean, everything fits. The work happens without interrupting your life. That’s why our employees go through extensive background checks, training and are practiced in customer service.

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