About Us

Local cleaning services in Cincinnati with a focus on the inside and outside of your home

Your daily, weekly and yearly schedule and routines are full of obligations that siphon the time you’d rather spend on the things that are most important to you — having hours or almost an entire day of saved time can go a long way to getting your priorities taken care of. That’s why many busy people and families hire local cleaning services. Imagine walking into a clean home, to a shorter to do list, to the relief of a healthy home that smells like new and looks great.

We provide:

  • Recurring home cleaning: (maid service) once every week, two weeks or four weeks.
  • Exterior home cleaning: Window cleaning (inside/out), gutter cleaning, siding cleaning, roof cleaning and soft washing (an effective power washing alternative).

We are the well-trained, bonded and insured, dedicated cleaning crews who can clean your home regardless of what your schedule brings inside of the home and what the weather and seasons bring outside of the home. Founded as My Maid Service more than a decade ago, we are now Blue Skies Services. The partnership has allowed us to create two professional cleaning crews — one specifically trained to clean your windows, roof, gutters and siding and another that focuses on recurring maid service to Cincinnati-area residents’ homes.

Be it once a week, once every two weeks or once every four weeks, our regular cleanings will ensure that yo come home to a relaxing environment, not one that makes you anxious even when you try to relax at the end of the day. Clean out your home, clean out your to-do list, we say.

Call (513) 777-7050 or email sales@blueskiesservices.com to receive a free, no-hassle estimate and to talk about your specific cleaning needs.