Cincinnati’s Top 5 Rated Window Washing Companies

Best Cincinnati-Mason Area Window WashersWhen you’re considering a window washing company, there are several key factors to consider: price, company size, services it provides, and schedule availability. Being an employee in the industry my only hope is that it might be easier for you to make a choice after reading this article.

How we compared Cincinnati window washing companies: 

We called window washing companies to receive a quote for a single-family home with 20 windows in West Chester, Ohio. Like many people who search online, we searched based on location. We are near West Chester Township, so most of the window washers that made this list are north of the city of Cincinnati.  There may be some excellent window cleaning companies closer to downtown and Northern Kentucky which we missed but we may add more later.

The Cincinnati cleaning companies we found based on our location and online ratings:

Blue Skies Services 

6228 Centre Park Dr, Suite B, 

West Chester, OH 45069 


Why they’re highly-rated:

  • Transparent online pricing engine
  • Competitive Prices
  • Marked Vehicles, Uniformed Employees
  • Most Google Reviews with a 4.7 rating
  • Great Follow Up
  • Price for 17-20 windows: $190 for outside only window washing; $250 for interior and exterior window washing.

Blue Skies Services is clearly the company we work for but we really did research before ranking it number 1.   Blue Skies did extremely well for having a large selection of services.   Blue Skies Cleaning Services, not only is able to clean your windows, but they also clean gutters, roofs, and other exterior house washing. Come winter, they hang up Christmas lights that require no maintenance on your part — they even store them in the offseason for you. 

Customer service is great, communication is consistent, and pricing is fast and transparent, starting with an online quote. Blue Skies was the only company which had completely transparent pricing online.   You can also call for an estimate which sometimes can result in an even lower price as they learn more details about your home.

This company does a great job of communicating with their customers.   Upon arrival, the crew is professional. They had a company vehicle, walked me through what they would be cleaning and did a great job.

Finally when it comes to the service delivery Blue Skies had more reviews than any of the other companies we looked at with 77 reviews on Google for a 4.7 rating. 

Window Butler

3539 Erie Ave, 

Cincinnati, OH 45208

513) 375-5531 


Why they’re highly-rated:

  • Free On-Site Estimates
  • Low Prices
  • Uniformed Employees
  • One of the Top Three Recommended Window Washers in the Area

The next company that ranked on googles list when searching for window cleaning was Window Butler. They are a small  family run business. Although they are smaller they still have a large array of services they are able to offer. Not only do they provide window washing, but also awning cleanings, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, bulb replacement, deck sealing, and screen removal/storage. When searching this company’s website you will be able to find and fill out a form for a free quote.

After filling out an online form I personally never heard back from them until they showed up on my doorstep the very next morning. I was a little surprised and somewhat uncomfortable with this. I guess if I was not home they would have left an estimate but I sort of like to know when people are going to be dropping by my house so an unannounced visit was a little unwelcome but he was extremely pleasant and professional.  The gentleman who came out for the free estimate was very kind and pleasant, he was able to offer a really reasonable quote for a two story home coming at: $100.00 for just the exterior and $192.00 for the exterior and interior. If I choose to clean my windows every 6 months the price would be lowered to $172.00 for exterior and interior cleaning services.  Although the gentleman didn’t come to my property using a company car, he did have a nice company shirt on and provided a nice looking brochure with my quote.  

United Window Cleaning

3506 Warsaw Avenue 

Cincinnati, Ohio 45205



Why they’re highly-rated:

  • Pricing Estimates Included On-Site 
  • Free Estimates Provided
  • Highly Rated On Google

The next company to be featured in googles highly rated list of window washers is United Window Cleaning. This company was pretty well rated on google with lots of good reviews and comments on their service. This company did provide a free estimate and provided their average pricing for small homes, medium sized homes, and larger homes. The other companies were a lot more transparent on their pricing,  and even though they advertise transparent pricing on their web-site the dollar amount and up leads a customer to believe the pricing isn’t all that transparent.  Their online pricing was presented as such:




Smaller Homes Medium Sized Homes Larger Homes
Exterior Only $95.00 and up $135.00 and up $205.00 and up
Interior and Exterior $155.00 and up $205.00 and up $375.00 and up


I did not like the phrase and UP after every price as previously pointed out, and seemed sort of bait and switch like the car dealerships that advertise a really cheap car that is never in stock. Not only were their prices unclear but it was difficult to schedule an appointment right away, with this being the case this isn’t the type of company that you would be able to call for a last minute cleaning service before the in-laws come in. Overall they are specialised in window cleaning and gutter cleaning only, and this could be one of the main reasons they are highly rated. 

Merry Maids

9886 Colerain Ave 

Cincinnati, OH 45251

(513) 278-7951

Why they’re highly-rated:

  • Family Friendly 
  • Free Estimates
  • Highly Rated Cleaning Service
  • Uniformed Professionals 

Merry Maids is the next top rated cleaning service. With this company’s main focus being providing a great cleaning service, it’s no wonder that they also clean windows among other things. Although window washing isn’t one of the more advertised services they provide, they were one of the easier companies to work with. Not only do they provide you with a free quote for all their services, they are also quick to get in touch with you. Their website is user friendly, and although they tend to focus more on their cleaning services inside of the house. Their window washing was well priced for the quality service they were providing. Overall this company is a very family friendly company and tends to advertise towards that. Their services range from cleaning, organizing, laundry, house cleaning, and even moving in or out of a home cleaning. 


Fish Window Cleaning, 

8070-7 Reading Rd., 

Cincinnati OH 45237

(513) 693-4840


Why they’re highly-rated:

  • Free Estimates
  • Fair Pricing
  • Franchise Based Company that is able to serve many areas
  • Uniformed Employees
  • Rate in the Top Three Window Washing on Google

Last on the top 5 google rankings list would be Fish Window Cleaning. This company is a franchise and has two branches that are local. With the Reading Location  having a more user friendly web page and overall a better service ratings and comments, it’s in the best interest of you to review their services first. They focus on their local locations similar to that of Blue Skies Cleaning services, and are a medium sized company that focus on hard work and great service. Their pricing was pretty consistent in terms of other companies on this list, with their interior and exterior pricing coming in at about $198.00 and their exterior pricing being $145.00 for a two story home. They do onsite free estimates, and show up with nice red t-shirts on so you’re able to recognize exactly who they are when they arrive. They are definitely sales men and tried to offer me estimates on side cleanings and gutter cleanings when I simply asked for a window cleaning estimate. It did take Fish Window Cleaning a good 5 days to get to the site and provide this free estimate. Afterwards they called right away to schedule an appointment, and were more than excited to try and close this commission.  This company provides cleanings for chandeliers, skylights, solar panels, and like many other of these companies are able to provide gutter cleanings as well. With this company being a franchise you are also able to recommend their services to friends even if they aren’t local to you! 

Overall Cincinnati provides many amazing window cleaning services to choose from. Best of all these companies are all able to provide so many different cleaning services from one another making each company unique from one another. From gutter cleaning to power washing you can find a company to serve all your needs easily. I hope that this top 5 list helped you to locate some good options for your next cleaning project. Be sure to leave comments and reviews if you use any of the companies on this list, or if you use another company that deserves some love.