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Roof Cleaning

Don’t overlook your roof – those black streaks can come off!

Roof Cleaning in Cincinnati, OHIf you have an asphalt shingle roof that has streaky black marks on it, you can get that cleaned off. These marks are so common place that you may not even notice your roof has them. It develops slowly and can settle in slow enough for you to get used to it.

Well, save your roof and get it looking great again.  Our crew of bonded/insured technicians are trained to use a low-pressure softwashing method that does not fray, chip or destroy your roof shingles like high-pressure power washing can do. 

Our roof cleaning method also does not take a long time to work. It’s faster, deeper and more thorough than over-the-counter or in-store roof cleaning products that you might just apply and wait … and wait … and wait. Our soft washing roof cleaning solution kicks in quickly so you can get your curb appeal back in no time.

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What is the cost of roof cleaning?

Not as much as replacing your roof! Our roof cleaning is based on square footage. Blue Skies Window & Gutter Cleaning Services can get you a basic estimate by dividing your home’s total square footage and dividing it by how many floors you have (assuming each floor is covered by roughly the same roof size). For example, a 2,000 square foot house that’s evenly split between two stories and no basement would roughly be 1,000 square feet of roof.

We also have specialized satellites that can take a picture of your home’s roof, provide a scale and allow us to draw lines around your roof to calculate the square footage.

(OK, so they’re not OUR satellites but believe it or not you can do these surface area calculations with online maps.)