Window Washing

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Whether you have two windows on your home or twenty, Blue Skies Window & Gutter Cleaning Services specializes in high-quality window cleaning services.

Window cleaning is delicate work. When cleaned too quickly or improperly, windows can be inadvertently damaged in the process. That’s why you should think “What is the best window cleaning company near me?” before hiring your cleaners.

Blue Skies Window & Gutter Cleaning Services has more than 15 years of window cleaning experience. We bring the best in window washing services to all our clients:

  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Best quality at competitive pricing
  • Professional-quality workmanship
  • Opportunity for charitable donation

Cincinnati and Blue Ash Window Washing prices

Prices for washing windows depends on a couple of basic things:

  1. Do you want your windows washed on the inside, the outside or both?
  2. How many panes of windows do you have?

Don’t worry – we don’t expect most people to know how many window panes are lining their walls at home. Counting window panes can be just as easy as counting the number of windows you have when you’re getting a cleaning estimate from a window cleaning service near you. 

Essentially, a window pane is any framed piece of glass, meaning anytime it looks like our window washer would have to take his squeegee off the glass in order to get to the next section of window (the next pane). So, we don’t count a window that are two panes thick as two panes – we just count the surface of one window area as a pane, not how many layers of glass there are. 

And, those removable grids we do not count as separate little panes. We do count storm windows as 3 additional panes (one for removing the storm windows and two for cleaning them). If you find yourself thinking “How much will a window cleaning company near me charge?”, you can find more about how to count panes here.

Grabbing a notepad or your phone and doing a quick lap around the house may be the best way to get a quick window pane count. We also will have the technicians verify the window pane count before getting started on the day of the cleaning so there are no surprises.  

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