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Cincinnati Window Washers with Years of Experience

Blue Skies Window Cleaning services prides itself on well trained professional window washers. All our window washers go through a rigorous 2 week training regiment. To insure the safety of our employees our window washers are sent out to sites in pairs or teams and never left to complete a task on their own. Other safety measures our employees take when completing a project are: spotters for ladder work, high end equipment that is safe and reliable, and other cleanly measures that follow the new Covid-19 policies in place. We don’t clean windows above 3 stories high, as our equipment and training doesn’t allow us to do so safely. Although we tend to provide services for residential projects, we are more than happy to provide commercial services as well.

Pricing our Window Cleaning Service

Our pricing and bids for window cleaning services revolve on your window pane count. What is a window pane? A window pane is a piece of glass surrounded by a frame on all sides. The way we like to describe it is, if we pick up the squeegee then it’s a new pane. Since we don’t do on-site estimates most of our customers find it easiest to count their own panes that way they can get a more precise estimate. For more examples or information on window panes click here.

Things to Know about our window washing service

Those little windows that are on your garage, or next to your front door, and so on are included; you don’t need to count those as a window. We will brush off your screens but if you want a deep clean for those bad boys that does come at a little extra cost. We do provide a complimentary sill wipe. What we mean by that is, we will wipe down the sill after the cleaning of your window to ensure there are no leftover drips or residue. If there’s rain on the way no worries we can still clean your windows and they will look better than ever. Lastly, we don’t clean the track of your window without an additional charge, when we say window cleaning we mean the actual cleaning of the glass.

Our window washing service area:

Cincinnati, Hamilton, Fairfield, Middletown, Mason, Lebanon, Blue Ash, Hamilton County, Butler County and Warren County.
House Window Cleaning in the Cincinnati area
Blue Skies Services Cincinnati: 6234 Centre Park Drive, West Chester Township, OH 45069

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Cincinnati residential window cleaning services

How To Prepare For Your Window Cleaning

Some things that will help the process of cleaning your windows go more smoothly:

    • Please remove any objects from or around your windows, such as: furniture,curtains, blinds and air conditioners.
    • Please loosen the screen latches if we are not cleaning the inside of your windows so that we will have access to the exterior glass.
    • If we are only cleaning the exterior glass you do not have to be home so long as your screens do not disrupt the cleaning of your exterior glass.

Window Washing FAQ

Some things that will help the process of cleaning your windows go more smoothly:
Do you clean the interior and exterior of windows?
Our professionals are trained and experienced in cleaning windows both inside and out. We can clean the interior side for your windows, or just the exterior – it is up to you.
Do you clean screens and storm windows?
We do clean screens and storm windows for an additional charge.
How often should I have my windows cleaned?
Most of our customers opt for window cleaning twice a year however, we can schedule whatever frequency you like.
Do I need to be at home at the time of my appointment?
If you are only having the exterior of your windows washed you do not need to be home at the time of your appointment.

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