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Professional Cleaning Services in Highland Heights, OH & the Greater Cleveland, OH AreaCleaning Services in Highland Heights, OH & the Greater Cleveland, OH Area

You know the feeling — whether it’s a new computer, an auto mechanic, or cleaning services, you know when someone is over-selling, over-promising, or pushing you too hard. Blue Skies Cleaning Services’ approach is simple: We are honest and straightforward about our process, our pricing, and our customer service.

Our full-time, bonded/insured, background-checked, and well-trained cleaners work in teams to ensure the best possible quality residential cleaning.

What we do is walk you through the process and get some information about your home and what you’re looking for, and from that, we make sure that you’re comfortable with who we are and what we provide before you give us a shot. We’ll ask your home size if you have any areas of the house you wouldn’t like cleaned or areas you’d like the extra attention. We’ll go over any extra services you may want to be done that aren’t part of our normal package.

And of course, we’d love to know your pet’s name. (We’re animal lovers.) With some home cleaning details out of the way, we can tell you what pricing to expect and when we’re available to send a pro cleaning crew to your place. Simple, no pushy sales, no hassle. It only takes a few minutes, and feel free to ask as many questions as you’d like. We think that’s how everyone should get a maid service cost estimate, or for just about any estimate, really. To get started, call us or fill out our quote form today!


Our Services

We provide recurring home cleaning and one-time deep cleaning services to customers in the Chesterland and East Cleveland area. Recurring cleaning is typically once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month. We start with an initial cleaning, where we spend more time on the overall home cleaning, hitting the high-traffic areas and making sure you get off on the right foot. From there, we establish a fixed price for the ongoing cleanings. We check what rooms, areas, or add-on services you want and how often you’d like them done. (Changing the bed with clean sheets every other cleaning, say, or vacuuming the furniture in the living room once a month, as another example.)

Here are some of the re-occurring services we offer:

Our one-time deep cleanings are intended to provide an entire day’s worth of cleaning in your home. We cover more territory at once, and it can be a great way to get ready for a party, reboot your home or prepare for guests who are staying for a few days or extended periods of time.

Here are some of the one-time services we offer:


Contact Blue Skies Cleaning Services

The goal of any great cleaning service is to provide enough communication to keep you informed, but not over-communicating to the point of annoyance — the whole point of cleaning service is to provide professional-grade service as efficiently as possible. So, we email you a couple of days before each scheduled cleaning as a reminder (that way if you have something that came up, you can let us know) and if not by email, we’ll give you a quick call the day before. Of course, if you’d prefer we don’t — we won’t. Our customer service team will also keep in touch with you for any news you need to be aware of, but we promise we won’t blow up inboxes.

How does that all sound? You have more questions, we’re sure. Call (440) 739-3520 or contact us today and we’ll get you squared away.