COVID-19: How We Changed our Cleaning Process


Safety Checklist for cleaning during COVID-19

The importance of sanitation and cleanliness in your home

Blue Skies Services is committed to keeping you informed about how to safely clean your home and keep your mind at ease. With our expertise in home cleaning, we want to be a part of the solution and provide you with the tools to safely clean your home properly during COVID-19. Here are some of the things we are practicing now to ensure sanitary living for our customers:

What Blue Skies is doing during our cleaning appointments

  • We require each employee to wear personal protective equipment for every job. This includes eyewear, gloves, masks, and shoe covers that keep our employees and customers safe
  • We provide hand sanitizer for our staff on the job and mandate hand-washing after they enter your home and before they leave.
  • Our employees are diligent to avoid any daily COVID-19 risk factors and contact with anyone at risk of having the illness. We perform temperature checks on our cleaners to check up on their own health and ensure they aren’t putting you or your family at risk.
  • We have withheld our staff from attending company gatherings and unnecessary meetings where contact can be avoided.
    Between each and every job, we wash and disinfect all of our cleaning supplies and contact points at the end of each work shift, including company vehicles, cell phones, and writing utensils.
  • Touch Point Disinfecting guarantees our cleaners are hitting the spots that put you most at risk for infection.

What is touchpoint disinfection?

Some of the most common places for bacteria and viruses to grow are in high traffic touch areas. This includes any points that require a lot of interaction, such as door knobs, stair railings, handles, toilets, faucets, phones, eating utensils, and more. Not only are these areas likely to have germs on them because of their consistent human contact, this also makes these places that spread infections from one person to the next. Cleaning these surfaces specifically can help reduce the spread of an infection in a household or business. Our employees ensure that each touch point is addressed in your home to prevent the risk of spread of any harmful diseases or bacteria. If you want to learn more about these high traffic touch points and how to stay aware of where you may be catching the disease, check out this article on disinfecting high traffic touch points.

Blue Skies Services understands that life can be more challenging for you and your family during the coronavirus outbreak. We ensure that our employees are keeping a 6ft distance between each other and your family, and we ask that you maintain social distancing guidelines as well when our staff is working in your home. As cleanliness may have become more important to everyone during these times, we have always prided ourselves in keeping health and safety as our top priorities, regardless of the situation society may be in. So no matter when you are looking to get your house cleaned, you can count on Blue Skies to keep you and your family safe, healthy, and happy.

Window cleaning and exterior cleaning during COVID-19

Much like our interior cleaning service, our exterior services have also changed to keep our staff and customer safe. Window washing, gutter cleaning, siding/roof/patio cleaning services are almost exclusively done outside of the home — inherent social distancing is involved in these cleaning processes. However, if we do come into the home to wash the interior of your windows, we will stick to many of the same procedures as interior home cleaners. We will keep our distance, wear masks and gloves, and ensure that we sanitize.

Our job is to make your home a healthier and happier place

If you would like us to take care of your home with these safety precautions, you can get a quote online for our Cincinnati, Cleveland, Minneapolis and St. Louis offices.