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You are pulling into and out of, parking on, idling over and hopefully not leaking oil or gas across a surface whose little cracks will one day, probably after a gnarly winter, turn to caverns.

This is your driveway, thirsty for a fresh coat of sealer. More absorbent than a camel, your asphalt driveway can go as far as two to maybe four years between rounds of hydrating water-based sealer. But after that, it gets thirsty and pay for it.

Fresh, but not too fresh, asphalt sealer installed by a professional will help keep moisture and stains from penetrating the heart of your blacktop, keeping your driveway surface the garage red carpet it deserves to be. You don’t want to re-apply sealer too frequently because it can weaken the bond and peel.

So, no, your driveway does not need to look terrible to get a driveway sealing. In fact, it’s vital that you get your driveway sealed to help protect it.

OK — your asphalt driveway needs sealing. Why should you hire us?

Because we’re quite thorough and reliable, if we must mildly boast. Some of the details:

  • Our asphalt cleaning crew is bonded, insured, well-trained and background checked.
  • We clean the driveway with a power brush and power blower before sealing
  • If needed, we trim the lawn along the driveway for a clean edge
  • We use water-based sealer that’s friendly to your environment, is easier to manage, creates a more polished finish and we think does a better job of keeping those devastating liquids out of your driveway.
  • Squeegee application means we only need to apply one coat of asphalt sealer instead of two, which is often the case with sprayed-on sealer. This means it’s faster, a better hold and CHEAPER FOR YOU! (Sorry, efficiency excites us.)

Give us a call at 952-467-2447 or email us at and we’ll get you started on your driveway sealing.

Want some details on our service? Check out this handy dandy asphalt sealing FAQ page (pasted below as well).

Frequently asked asphalt sealing questions:

What is included in your asphalt sealing service?

We start by cleaning the surface, which includes power edging, sweeping, and blowing of the asphalt surface, as well as cleaning any oil spots. Then we fill all significant cracks up to 1⁄2”. Before we start sealing, we tape off any adjacent concrete, landscaping, or home/siding that is exposed, so we can protect the surfaces that we don’t want to seal! Finally, we apply the asphalt sealer from the top (the house/garage side) to the bottom of the driveway and block off the driveway so you don’t accidentally drive on it while the sealer is still wet.

How do you quote and price your asphalt sealing service?

We price based on square footage and condition. To determine the condition we have you email us a few pictures of the driveway’s overall condition and any specific rough areas with numerous cracks or oil spots (i.e. rocks showing through the existing asphalt, recently sealed surfaces, significant/large cracks, oil spots that need to be cleaned). If the overall area is large enough, or if the condition is hard to determine from the pictures, we will do an in-person estimate before we make an appointment to seal the driveway. All pricing is finalized the day of the job based on the condition of the driveway.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for some example images.

I don’t know the dimensions of the asphalt on my driveway. Do you have a way to tell?

Yes, we use Google Maps to measure the area of your asphalt and build our pricing based off of that. If we can’t get a clear view, or if you have a very large area, we will come out to do an in person estimate.

Do I need to do anything to prepare before you come to seal my asphalt?

Yes! The results of the sealing process are best with a clean surface. Hosing down the driveway a day or two ahead of time will help get dirt out of the cracks and will improve the seal. You can also hire us to pressure wash a couple days ahead of time if that is easier for you. It is also very helpful to pre-treat oil spots with Dawn Dish Soap, this will help our treatment clean up that spot and get a nice seal where the oil spot doesn’t show through.

Do you use water based or oil based sealant?

We use water based sealant because it is safer for the environment and safer for your property; if it gets on an unintended surface we are able to clean it off without leaving permanent damage like oil based sealant would.

How does the weather impact my scheduling?

Conditions need to be dry and warm. If there is standing water left on the driveway from a storm, or if there is any significant rain forecast 24 hours after the scheduled appointment, we will reschedule the service to ensure that the work is not compromised. Temperatures need to be above 50 degrees Fahrenheit for the sealer to cure properly, so we may also reschedule the asphalt sealing service if the temperature is too cold.

How long do I need to wait before we walk on or drive on the new surface?

Manufacturer recommendations are to wait 24 hours before walking on the surface and 36 hours before driving on it.

Different asphalt conditions for sealing

GOOD CONDITION – Newer asphalt or well-sealed in the past, minimal cracks or oil spots, and smooth surface:

FAIR CONDITION – some cracks or oil spots, relatively smooth surface but may have some rocks showing through:

POOR CONDITION – multiple cracks or oil spots, or bumpy surface with rocks showing through:

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