Get Outdoors

You need more time to explore the outdoors

How often are you really outside as much as you want to be? How often are you doing something and you think to yourself, “I could be on the trail or camping or boating right now.” And then, mentally, you go there while doing that thing you should be focusing on.

Lame. You’d rather be out there. Doing it.

And let’s face it. That thing you’re doing when you start daydreaming about getting outside — it’s probably one of those things that falls into the elusive category, “Things that need to get done, but I probably don’t need to do them even though I feel like I should.”

There are many things in that category. Unfortunately, those Need To Do But Not By You items eat into your valuable time. Camping time. Hitting the trail time.

Valuable time = only things you can do because if it were done by anyone else, it would be meaningless. Example: You can’t hire someone to go mountain biking for you. You can’t outsource camping.

You cannot calculate an hourly rate for the time you spend on the things you love

So how much time are you spending on the things that could be spent on your more valuable time? What things can you let go of?

We are Blue Skies Services — our main service is providing more time and peace of mind through professional interior/exterior home cleaning. (Not to mention, we are bikers, hikers, anglers and campers ourselves. That’s why we love giving more people time to do that themselves. After we’re doing helping you, we do the same!)

This is one of our cleaners. We still think he’s lying about the size of the fish he caught.

We keep people’s homes clean so they don’t have dirty home anxiety when they walk through the door or throughout the day at work. A home that needs cleaning takes up mental energy and physical space. It’s a lingering to-do list item that makes it difficult to get other things done. Or makes it difficult to get to your hobbies.

So, before you learn a little more about us, let’s get to what you’re really curious about. How much would it cost you to save hours of time, to walk into a professionally cleaned home, which removes a major to-do off your list, giving you more free time to explore the outdoors? Just click the button below.

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About our professional home cleaning services:

Blue Skies Services continues to be independently owned and operated. One of our leaders helped literally co-write the industry manual on home cleaning.

For home cleaning services, we clean in teams of two — one of whom is a Team Leader to ensure that we clean as best as possible.

For window cleaning and other services, we have a separate and dedicated crew specially trained to clean windows, gutters, roof, siding and more.

Blue Skies Services is happy to provide you instant house cleaning prices for Cincinnati, Cleveland and Minneapolis-St.Paul areas.

Services we provide:

  • Recurring home cleaning (weekly, every two weeks, every four weeks)
  • One-time deep cleaning
  • Window washing (inside and outside or one or the other)
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Roof cleaning
  • House washing and soft washing (a power washing alternative)

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