Professional Holiday Light Hanging Services


Free, instant holiday lighting quote:

Twin Cities Christmas Light Hanging

Get your holiday lights hung and done!

Save time and hassle: Get your lights prepped before the holiday season; don’t deal with the tangle of lights, don’t play chicken with the weather, don’t cross your fingers that old lights will work — get reliable, professional holiday light hanging services this year! We service the surrounding Minneapolis area.


What our service includes:

You can get professional holiday light hanging services from simple roofline lighting to a yard full of bright bulbs and decorations.

  • Professional design and installation: We have partnered with a premier vendor to get hours of training, packages and lighting equipment supplies to fit whatever design you want.
  • LED lights: We use hi-efficiency, new bulbs that you won’t have to worry about burning out or sucking up too much energy.
  • We provide the lights: Don’t worry about old strings of lights, about some bulbs not working or about untangling a mess. We provide the lights for you and store them in the off-season.
  • Free in-person quote: We will come to your house, walk around your house and give you a quote in person at no charge.
  • Personalized design: During our at-home estimate, we will develop a design with you. You can pick your bulbs, locations and more.
  • Installation, removal and storage: We will take care of the process from end-to-end, from the free estimate, to installation, to take down after the holiday season to storage of lights in the off-season.
  • Discount pricing: We will keep the lights stored during the off-season and you will save 10 percent on your next year’s installation if you decide to do it again.

More questions — find our holiday light FAQ here.