Looking for unique Valentine’s Day ideas?

February 2, 2017 by blueskiesadmin

So what’ll it be this year?

Unique Valentine's Day ideas

Chocolate Valentine’s Frame by Emily McCracken, Flickr.com.

Every year — every year Feb. 14 sneaks up on us. Everyone knows it’s coming. So much for romance’s element of surprise, right? Since a random act of affection is no longer an option due to this recurring little date, you have to come up with something clever, you tell yourself. 

It’s like being a comedian on stage. Sure, a simple joke in an unexpected place and time? Gold. But when that comedian is on stage, everyone knows why she’s up there — the jokes better be coming. What pressure, right? 

So, here are some ideas to take off the pressure on Valentine’s Day while having fun

If you’re like many couples, new or well-seasoned, some of the biggest hurdles to your relationship may be finding the time to spend together, finding unique things to do and clearing your plate of common stresses. Even when you machine through your to do list during the week and make it to the weekend, sometimes you’re just too exhausted to do anything. How do you first find, then make time for and finally enjoy a Valentine’s Day experience without all of the pressure of Valentine’s Day?

Or what if you and your partner don’t care about Valentine’s Day, but feel you should do something?

Or what if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, aka Even The Calendar Is Judging Me For Not Having A Spouse/Significant Other, aka Avoiding Facebook Because of People’s Personal Terms of Endearment Published on a Very Public Forum?

Oh, we have ideas — we have ideas for everyone.

It’s all about the experience these days

You can create a great experience without making a lot of hassle or a big deal out of the event. Valentine’s Day is one of those things that can be hyped up. These suggestions could suit the pickiest Valentine’s Day connoisseur and the spouse who considers it just another day.

  • Explore part of your home territory that you haven’t seen, yet — act like a tourist in your own town.
  • Start early — one of the biggest hindrances to Valentine’s Day is the timing so catch your loved one off guard and celebrate before Feb. 14.
  • First date relived: Make reservations now, if needed, to go back to your first date. This may be effective if it’s been a while since your first date. If it was a few weeks ago, this one may come off as weird and as if you’re out of dating ideas. Which is what brought you here in the first place! 
  • First date redo: This one may be more fun — so maybe your first date was a bit awkward and didn’t go so well and is laughable now that you’re still together. Pitch Valentine’s Day as “The First Date We Should Have Had, But I (Or You) Didn’t Know What I (Or You) Were Doing.”If you’ve reminisced about how ridiculous, silly, half-baked or awkward that first date was, and the story often ends with, “Oh, I can’t believe the second date happened — but I’m glad it did,” then this could be an opportunity to surprise your partner in poorly-started crime with a first date redo. Press rest like it’s the original Sega Genesis.
  • Create a great welcome home before the night begins. Cooked dinner, a sparkling home from a professional cleaning service, the children are already at the sitters, the closet or spare room of stuff is organized. That is not the final gift, it just makes the rest of the night easier. It takes pressure of whatever normal Valentine’s Day stuff you might have planned.
  • Alternative to romantic, expensive dinner out Number 1: Go to that popular restaurant on Feb. 13 or Feb. 15. Restaurants are dead around Valentine’s Day and you’ll feel smarter. … Maybe just don’t go for “fresh” seafood.
  • See a live, local show: comedy, music, theater, community theater — anything that you haven’t seen in a while. This could break up the normal screen-bound shows and movies that are easier to get to. If you normally see live music, check out live comedy. If you like plays, go see a local band. You can always move on if you don’t like it.
  • Take a class or do something with your partner that you would otherwise be too embarrassed or scared to try. It’s time to bite the bullet. Try that cooking class, that ballroom dancing class or, yes … karaoke. You may be pleasantly surprised.
  • Alternative to romantic, expensive dinner out Number 2: Food Crawl — if there is a walkable stretch of restaurants and bars, grab an appetizer or two at each and make your way up the street. Ask for the chef’s or cook’s recommendation. Start a conversation with other friendly patrons. The night goes by quick.
  • Alternative to romantic, expensive dinner out Number 3: In-house food tour. Whether delivered, picked up or made at home, run the gastro gauntlet at home with a mix of food you’ve only dreamed of. Valentine’s Day is an excuse to go for The Cycle.
  • Just have a night in. In sweatpants. No plans. No guests. No going out. Veg out. Relax. Turn off your phone. Do. Whatever. You. Want. Now that you’re all grown up, you may just have to do some planning for it.

Valentine’s Day ideas for those who would like the calendar to go from Feb. 13 right to Feb. 15

If you’re single or if Valentine’s Day makes you gag, may we suggest Palentine’s Day? It is Feb. 13, celebrated among friends. Put simply, Palentine’s Day is a reason to hang out with a little more relationships-bashing edge, if you prefer to go that route. Commiserate or just have a good time,  there are many ways to get through Feb. 14 if you just want to get to Feb. 15.

Many of the same principles above you can enjoy solo, with friends or with an equally anti-cupid partner:

  • Touring your own town like a tourist
  • Eating your way across town
  • Treating yourself to a massage
  • Treating yourself to a home cleaning
  • Taking a class or trying something else new
  • Sing karaoke
  • Like the comedy analogy we started with … try an open mic!
  • Or, like we said above, stay in. Be lazy. Take a night to do whatever you want, even if you have to proactively arrange for it, sometimes it pays to just do nothing at all.