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Twin Cities window washing, siding/gutter cleaning & more

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We have been cleaning windows in the Greater Twin Cities area since 2011, growing our customer base through referrals and repeat clients. Brent, Zac and the “Blue Crew” as you may have heard them on the radio pride themselves in an honest day’s work. Our detail-oriented cleaning crew is bonded/insured, background checked and well-trained.

Cleaning services we offer:

  • Exterior/Interior home cleaning services
    • Window cleaning (interior cleaning, exterior cleaning or both)
    • Gutter cleaning
    • Roof cleaning (Yes — we can get those black streaks off your roof!)
    • Siding cleaning (a safe soft washing method)
    • Power washing ( aka pressure washing)
    • Christmas/holiday light hanging

About our services:

  • No obligation, no contract: It’s simple — you pay for what you get. With all of our services, you have opportunities to save money with subscription services and pre-payments, but we never lock people into contracts with fees beyond the service we provide.
  • Our cleaners are employees, not contractors: This allows consistent training and daily training, management and quality customer service from everyone on our staff. Our goal is to make people’s days. The best way to do that is creating a committed team of employees who work together closely everyday.
  • We’re bonded/insured: It’s not just about hiring people you trust, it’s about having peace of mind. We believe bonded/insured should be the minimum requirement for working in someone’s home!
  • Courteous staff: Know that when you see and talk with our cleaners, they can help you with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

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Well, it depends on the size of your windows, and how many you have. Assuming your window is average (which is about 39 inches across), you can expect to pay about $2-4 dollars per window pane for either inside or outside.  This means if the window opens and slides, this is considered 2 panes of glass.  Some might think they have small windows so it should be cheaper, however, there are usually large windows that average out the size of glass panes you may have on your home.

The cheapest window cleaning company may charge as little as $2-$4; while the most expensive might be closer to $8-10 per window pane depending upon how fancy or specific you want to get with services or who cleaning company you’re using.

Contact a local window washing company and more than likely they will give you their pricing right over the phone.

*Thank you to Brandon at Pine Country Window Cleaning in Flagstaff AZ for this valuable information.

Unless you’re a professional window washer, using a professional window squeegee will more than likely be the best tool. Professional window cleaners use two tools – one for those large non-glass surfaces and one for those smaller glass ones – so it’s wise to do the same. Regular jars and bottles of chemicals should never be used as they can’t compare to their specially designed counterparts, because it’s much harder to remove streaks from them than with regular solutions.

Handling a squeegee to clean your windows is not an easy task and it takes a lot of practice and training to clean a window without leaving streaks or smears.

*Thank you to Dylan at Gordon Exterior Cleaning for this great information!

Answer: By hand

The best way to wash window screens is by using a bucket and dish-washing liquid. Put the screens in a safe place, use soap or dish-washing liquid, scrub gently with your hands while using a stiff brush or a rag.

Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap suds and dry by laying them on the grass when it’s not raining, when it’s raining hang them outside (in fair weather) or in front of an open door (in foul weather).

*This answer was provided to us from our great friends at Windows of Hope Services.

How to wash high windows you can't reach from the groundUse a long pole, or call a local professional window cleaner. It is never safe to climb up on your window ledge, even if the windows are low enough that you can reach them without standing up on tiptoes.

Hanging off the edge of your building just isn’t worth it! You may wish to hire someone with experience for assistance or success in reaching these difficult areas. A long pole may also work for less difficult tasks like wiping down frames and screens, but remember safety first and do not risk only your life by climbing onto any ledge; there were plenty of other ways you could have cleaned those windows outta reach! Be sure to look into reputable companies (or ones at least licensed) before risking this much danger.

*Huge thanks to our friends at Tropical HCS window cleaning in Orlando for this great information!

Answer: Look for a professional window cleaner.

If you are not able to find them in your neighborhood, you can browse their websites and they will give you prices per address or tell you how many windows per hour that they will clean at your address. They usually charge by the job instead of the hour, but most people prefer it because they don’t have to wait around for hours when they’re just getting one single room finished.

When using a professional company, ask about what methods are used on your windows. Window cleaners may be willing to try alternatives like vinegar and water which is cheaper than store bought brands of window cleaner with no harsh chemicals.

*This answer was provided from our great friend Tyler from Wash Our Windows Wisconsin.

What do professionals use to clean windows professionally?Most professional window cleaners use a squeegee for the vast majority of their work. The squeegee consists of an angled rubber blade mounted on a handle which is pulled vertically across the surface to remove water and dirt from the window.

What type of window cleaners depend on the type of window they are cleaning. However, most professionals use soap, water, and a large squeegee to wash windows. The key is getting the soapy film on the glass by wetting it with plenty of running water (suds). A squeegee does this job perfectly!

*This content was provided to us from our wonderful friends at First Class Clean Window Cleaning in North Carolina.

It is important to find a reputable company that guarantees satisfaction, has previous client referrals, and established in the area you live. A few things to think about when choosing window cleaning companies are the size of the business, experience levels of staff, uniform requirements for employees, quality of equipment and whether they offer warranties on their work. Additionally, if the windows are smeared with greasy fingerprints, it’s best to get professionals who use eco-friendly cleaners to ensure that chemicals aren’t left behind that can cause harm.

Some helpful ways to find reliable window companies is looking at online reviews and viewing their online presence. Most of the time this can be a great indicator of the overall wellbeing of the company.

Thanks to Glass Act Pro Wash for sharing this insightful information!

House cleaning services often include a variety of housekeeping tasks such as vacuuming, dusting furniture and surfaces, doing the dishes, mopping floors, and emptying garbage cans. Some cleaners also offer specialized cleaning options like oven surface deep clean or carpet shampoo. If your house needs a deeper clean make sure to communicate that you’re looking for a full house cleaning service.

House cleaning services do the dirty work that you don’t want to, such as mopping floors and scrubbing sinks. Often it is difficult for people with disabilities (and their families) to keep up with the housework, and this is where professionals come in. Our cleaning people do a lot more than just sweep up hair balls from your cats. With our team of specialists at your service you’ll be able to focus on other areas of life without having to worry about dust accumulating unabated or mold build-up on bathroom surfaces. We hope this answers your question!

The best window cleaning solution is a homemade solution of vinegar dish soap, and water. It’s cheap, it’s effective, and it’s environmentally friendly.

Professional window washers usually use a commercial-grade window cleaner. But this can be expensive, and it’s not always necessary. A simple mixture of vinegar, dish soap, and water will do the trick for most windows.

If you have a particularly tough stain or build-up on your windows, you can add a little dish soap to the vinegar and water solution. This will help to break down the grime and dirt.

Be sure to rinse your windows well after cleaning them with this solution, as leftover vinegar can leave streaks behind.

This information was provided by our friends at Ambassador Window Cleaning! You can learn more about the here:

Boosting curb appeal on your business or property can be as simple as keeping it clean. A good way to start is by having a commercial window cleaning service come in and clean all of your windows, both inside and out. By doing this, you’ll not only make your property look nicer, but you’ll also improve the overall clarity and visibility of your windows. This can be especially helpful for businesses that rely on signage or storefronts to attract customers.

Another great way to boost curb appeal is by keeping the grounds well-manicured. Trimmed bushes, neatly mowed lawns, and tidy flower beds all help to give a property a well-maintained and polished appearance.

Thanks to Cape Fear Pro Wash Hampstead, NC for giving us this information!

How often you need to clean your windows depends on a few factors, such as the climate you live in and how exposed your windows are. For instance, if you live in an area with a lot of pollen or dust in the air, you’ll probably need to clean your windows more often than someone who lives in a cleaner environment. Likewise, if your windows aren’t exposed to direct sunlight, they won’t get as dirty and won’t need to be cleaned as often.

In general, though, it’s a good idea to clean your windows at least once a month. This will help them stay looking their best and prevent build-up of dirt and grime that can be difficult to remove. If you’re looking for window cleaning services near me, feel free to contact us!

Special thanks to Berryhill Window Cleaning in Springdale AR for sharing these tips for keeping your windows cleaned regularly!