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Professional “home maid” domestic cleaning services in the Minneapolis area

What can we say — we’re “home maid” Minneapolis men and women who know how to scrub and try to keep it light. … We clearly spend more time on our domestic cleaning services than we do our puns.

It’s making sure that your kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms and other major living spaces in the house are covered when you come home after a long day. With our recurring home cleaning services, we can keep you feeling consistently, constantly comfortable where it matters most: in your socks. Don’t sweep up the floor with your wool tubes. Let us twirl the mop pad so you only sweep the most important things off their feet.

You do the homemade stuff that only you can do, and we’ll do the home maid stuff (OK, we couldn’t resist) so you have a little more time and peace of mind to do it. Because at the end of the day, you don’t want to come home to a new to do list.

Call now for a professional cleaning that makes you wonder why you didn’t give it a try earlier — you can reach us at 952-467-2447, email us at sales@blueskiesservices.com or chat with us live online.

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Oh — your windows, roof, siding and gutters need some love too, you say?

We can have you covered there, too. That’s right, our Plymouth-based domestic cleaning services cover the outside of your home, too. We can wash your windows, unclog your gutters and downspouts or get those gnarly black streaks off your roofs’ shingles. Your neighbors will really like you for it, and you’ll feel a little better when you pull up to the front of your house, too.

Your windows can shine, your gutters can flow, your siding and roof don’t have to harbor an unintended … “texture” that Minnesota’s seasonal changes can design.

We can have you covered for the entire year, regardless of your crazy schedule or the crazy weather.

Call 952-467-2447, email sales@blueskiesservices.com or chat with our team to discuss your cleaning without any obligation. We’ll keep it short, sweet and without any punny stuff.