The home cleaning services we provide in detail:

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Interior and exterior home cleaning
that goes beyond the surface:

We started Blue Skies Services because we understand that you’re out of sorts when your house is out of sorts. The modern home is a conundrum of needing to be clean and organized but having too many priorities to get cleaned and organized. It’s a viscous cycle that we are here to help you end.

You can finally get your house back

From season to season, we handle your home cleaning from the curb to each room of your house. Spring and fall window washing; roof cleaning in the summer; siding washing, power washing and gutter cleaning as needed and maid service on an ongoing basis so that you can stay on top of your busy life. 

Stick to the priorities that require your presence and no on else’s, and we will stick to the home cleaning that needs to get done that you don’t have time for.

Why we are a trusted Minneapolis-St.Paul home cleaner

Both of our exterior cleaning crews and our maid service cleaners are:

  • Bonded/insured
  • Employees, not contractors
  • Selectively hired and thoroughly trained
  • Undergo daily quality checks
  • Come equipped with all cleaning supplies needed

We are not solo practitioners who need to use your cleaning equipment to get the job done. We are bonded/insured so if anything happens to your property or our cleaners at your house, we are covered. Some companies or solo practitioners don’t have backup or coverage, which means you could be liable for anything that happens at your home, even if it wasn’t your fault.

Home Cleaning Pricing for multiple services:

Pricing depends on the service you are looking for.

  • Maid service: We start with the size of your home and the frequency of cleaning you would like to get your home cleaning price.
  • Window cleaning: The cost depends on the number of panes you have. You can see how to count panes and learn about different window types to get the most accurate count for a quote.
  • Gutter cleaning: The price is based on your gutter length, and if you’re not sure, we can help you with a handy tool. Just call us at 952-467-2447.
  • Siding cleaning: We offer reasonable pricing for washing an entire house, just click the quote tool above to get your initial pricing idea before finalizing with our staff.