The home cleaning services we provide in detail:

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Interior and exterior home cleaning
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We started Blue Skies Services because we understand that you’re out of sorts when your house is out of sorts. The modern home is a conundrum of needing to be clean and organized but having too many priorities to get cleaned and organized. It’s a viscous cycle that we are here to help you end.

You can finally get your house back

From season to season, we handle your home cleaning from the curb to each room of your house. Spring and fall window washing; roof cleaning in the summer; siding washing, power washing and gutter cleaning as needed and maid service on an ongoing basis so that you can stay on top of your busy life. 

Stick to the priorities that require your presence and no on else’s, and we will stick to the home cleaning that needs to get done that you don’t have time for.

Why we are a trusted Minneapolis-St.Paul home cleaner

Both of our exterior cleaning crews and our maid service cleaners are:

  • Bonded/insured
  • Employees, not contractors
  • Selectively hired and thoroughly trained
  • Undergo daily quality checks
  • Come equipped with all cleaning supplies needed

We are not solo practitioners who need to use your cleaning equipment to get the job done. We are bonded/insured so if anything happens to your property or our cleaners at your house, we are covered. Some companies or solo practitioners don’t have backup or coverage, which means you could be liable for anything that happens at your home, even if it wasn’t your fault.

Home Cleaning Pricing for multiple services:

Pricing depends on the service you are looking for.

  • Maid service: We start with the size of your home and the frequency of cleaning you would like to get your home cleaning price.
  • Window cleaning: The cost depends on the number of panes you have. You can see how to count panes and learn about different window types to get the most accurate count for a quote.
  • Gutter cleaning: The price is based on your gutter length, and if you’re not sure, we can help you with a handy tool. Just call us at 952-467-2447.
  • Siding cleaning: We offer reasonable pricing for washing an entire house, just click the quote tool above to get your initial pricing idea before finalizing with our staff.

What are house cleaning services?

Housekeeping is the work of keeping a residence, workplace, or public building clean. The term usually refers to domestic work but can also refer to commercial operations. Clients range from private individuals and families to large companies and institutions.

House Cleaning professionals typically focus on specific areas of specialization such as home carpets, upholstery, kitchens, or bathrooms while others may offer “general” housekeeping services that include all of these tasks in one visit. Housekeepers will provide basic household chores which you might do yourself if you had the time including vacuuming floors, dusting furniture, and wiping down countertops.

Housekeeping services are for people who are busy, have health problems which makes it difficult to do tasks around the house or just don’t want to do chores.

The Benefits of House Cleaning Services

A clean house will make you feel good, period. It will help keep the grime at bay and allow potential buyers to picture themselves living in it comfortably.

If you are unorganized, hiring one of these services can be the push that gets your life back on track! You can easily stay organized all year long with weekly or monthly visits by professional cleaners. Or call them when you need something done quickly, like before your next party.

Whole House cleaning services offer low-cost hourly rates which allow individuals and families of any income level to afford this service. Hiring someone who is detailed oriented and has experience in household cleaning ensures that they’re going to do a good job.

Lastly, no matter how much time you think you have to devote to chores, there are always more tasks than can be done in 24 hours. A house cleaning service will eliminate the overwhelm of never-ending work and allow you more freedom!

And all these benefits come without having to break your budget. A professional house cleaner is an affordable luxury that everyone needs occasionally. You deserve it!

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What to Expect From Our Cleaning Services

 A client should expect that their home will be free of dirt, germs, smells and allergens. They should also expect that the house will be odor-free. A client can also assume that their vacuuming or waxing services will be done with care and professional expertise. They should anticipate that all their surfaces will be cleaned with expertise, in addition to cabinets in the kitchen, floor tiles in bathrooms and upholstery in the living room.

An ideal client will expect that the service will provide them with a green approach in their cleaning. Green housekeeping involves services that can reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals, whether in the home or in restrooms. These products may also be biodegradable, so they dissolve when disposed of in water ways.

A client should expect that they hire a company that will keep their house as clean as possible. If a company is on time, greets the client with a smile and goes above and beyond the call of duty, this is a good sign. A professional cleaner will have insurance, be bonded and able to provide proof of licensing if needed by the state.

How to Find a Good Household Cleaner

Finding a good cleaner is not difficult if you know what to look for. The first thing you want to do is find out how long they have been in business and what type of experience they have. If the company has been in business for long time, that’s worth taking into consideration. You should also ask about what type of equipment they use during their work, how often they come, if their services are for residential or commercial work, how much experience they have with pets and more.

Another important factor is the cost of the services. There are many different companies out there with different rates so be sure to ask about what all is included before choosing one. You can also find reviews online or ask friends who have used housekeeping services. The more you look around, the easier it will be to find a good match for your home.

If you have taken these steps, you can begin building a relationship with a cleaning company that will give you and your family or business employees peace of mind. You will know that no matter how dirty things get, someone is there for you and handles any problems efficiently and professionally.