Minneapolis-St. Paul area roof washing

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Did you know you could get those black streaks off your roof?

You can. That’s why we have a crew of bonded/insured, well-trained and courteous roof cleaners who use a soft washing method to quickly breakup what is often gloeocapse, also known as the worst long-term relationship your roof has ever been on. It is ugly, it stresses the roof out to make it look older than it is, and worst of all, it just becomes complacent  – to the point that the roof just lives with it and no one seems to notice it’s there.

Roof Cleaning Service in Minneapolis, MN

We hate to see a good roof go to waste. Put your house’s best foot forward and don’t forget about your roof. It needs love, too. And what we have is better than some spray and forget, buy at the store and pray it works solutions. No, our roof washers mean business. They are experienced, well-trained and take whatever application is required to make your roof look as best as it possibly can.

How much is this roof cleaning going to cost?

A lot less than a new roof, that’s for sure. We charge by the square foot of your roof, which you could do a rough estimate by taking the square footage of your house and then dividing by the number of stories in your home. So a 1,500 square foot house that’s evenly split between two stories and no basement would roughly be 750 square feet of roof.

If needed, we also have access to specials satellites (Ok, Google — but they use satellites) where we can pull up your home if you provide your address, and from there it has an on-screen length estimator. After some simple multiplication, we’ll have your initial estimate.

Once scheduled, our technician will verify the price once they arrive at the home and scope things out. We don’t do bait and switch, but we do like to double check our site-unseen roof washing estimates, even if we do have those special satellites for such a thing.