Power washing & home siding cleaning

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Like your roof, your windows and your gutters, your home’s siding is impacted by the elements. It’s appearance can slowly deteriorate, which means it can be hard to notice. And, when you get it washed, the difference is instantly seen.

The outside of your home can be easy to overlook. How often do you look closely at the vinyl siding? At the concrete path? How often do you wipe your finger along the side of your home to examine what’s really going on the surface?

Chances are, not that often. But, when you are not that enthuised about what you find under close inspection, remember that the residue left on your finger is multiplied by the entire surface area of your home’s exterior. When it’s that large, it’s visible from the sidewalk, the street, your neighbors, prospective home buyers if you’re looking to put it on the market and by anyone who is visiting your home.

We get your entire home’s siding professionally cleaned in no time and at a reasonable cost. The entire exterior of a one-story home can be washed at $199 (plus tax) and a two-story or three story home exterior can be washed at $249 (plus tax). Yes, a two-story or three-story home siding  – all sides of it – can be washed for that price.

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What we clean with power washing and soft washing services

  • Home siding (up to three stories high)
  • Composite decks
  • Walkways
  • Roofs
  • And more — just call and ask! (952) 467-2447