Home Cleaning Services


Home Cleaning Services

The home cleaning services we provide in detail:

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Why your home cleaning goes beyond the surfaces we clean:

When your house is out of sorts, you are out of sorts. We get that — it’s why we started Blue Skies Services.

A home that is not as clean as you want affects:

  • Your health: Allergens, bacteria, dust, dirt and other fun things you try not to think about can gather, collect and start a sit-in protest at your home, even if you don’t see it with the naked eye. Touching up your surfaces with routine home cleaning ensures that you are doing what you can to maintain a healthy home.
  • Your peace of mind: having lingering to do lists that you are reminded of every time you walk through your home make it hard to concentrate. It makes it hard to get the day-to-day work you need to do.
  • Your activities: Not only are there mental backups from lingering cleaning to dos, but there are actual physical hindrances. Cooking, getting ready in your bedroom and bathroom, even just relaxing at the end of the day in your living room all are impeded by a home that is maybe organized and lived in, but not as cleaned as you would like it to be.
  • Your calendar: Physical and mental clutter affect what you can get done in any given day. It makes it harder to reach your goals, to even get the minimum stuff you wanted to accomplish during your standard busy days.
  • Appearances: When your home looks better, you just feel better. You feel more relaxed, more at-home and a little less worried to invite people over!

You can finally get your house back

Residential House Cleaning Services

You can finally have the routine you’ve been looking for with recurring home cleaning services. From inside and outside, we take care of your home regardless of what each season brings and regardless of what lands on your schedule.

Pull up to your home after work without seeing any black streaks on your roof, without worrying about rainfall or ice dams. Walk into a home with shiny surfaces, bright light coming through the windows. Enjoy time in your kitchen, with your family at night rather than feeling like you’re fighting a battle of organization.

Home Cleaning Pricing for multiple services:

Pricing depends on the service you are looking for.

  • Maid service prices are based on home square footage and frequency of cleaning
  • Window cleaning depends upon how many window panes you have;
  • Gutter cleaning is based on the length of your gutters
  • Siding cleaning is priced according to the size of your home — a quick online estimate can get you started.

The best way to get home cleaning prices is by calling our office!