Window Washing


Window Washing

First, if you’re looking for a window washing quote:

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Second, if you’re wondering why get your windows cleaned?

There are several reasons to get your windows professionally cleaned.

Improve the view and the glass: It helps improve the appearance of the glass windows itself, when you look at them, not to mention when you look through them – there is a difference and you notice it after you get your windows washed.

Better light: So you not only get a better view of the world, but the quality of light coming through your windows improves. Cleaning your windows gives you brighter natural light in your home.

Less hassle: Having your windows cleaned is one less thing on your to-do list. It also saves you from spending an entire day or weekend on a ladder, moving up and down, uninstalling and re-installing window parts just to access the glass and screens. We are quick, efficient, professional and courteous. We will save you time.

Better curb appeal: A better window shine leads to better curb appeal. It’s shocking how some windows’ appearance is visible from the street! When they are cleaned up, everyone notices!

Third, why should you trust us to clean your windows?

We grew our window washing business from one truck into an entire fleet, and we did it without overextending ourselves. We were able to keep prices competitive because we grew that fleet, our business and our Blue Crew staff carefully.

By carefully and considerately growing our business, we learned the value of hard work, well earned money and making a difference in people’s lives with that job well done for a value well appreciated.

We established a window washing system. We hire our window washers selectively. We train all of our window washing locations under that system.

We are bonded and insured, so you don’t have to worry about us falling off a ladder.

We don’t waste time, money or anything else, which means you won’t either when you choose us.

Fourth, pricing: What does it cost?

Our prices are based on the number of window panes you have.

You can click the quote tool button above if you’d like. But, in a nutshell, a window pane is anytime one of our window washers has to take his squeegee off the window because of some kind of border. (Don’t worry about those French windows with the grids and all those tiny little squares — we don’t own tiny little squeegees so we won’t charge you for washing each one of those little buggers …

“buggers” in French, by the way, is bougres. (Sorry, we have fun at our job.)

The best way to get a pricing idea is to do a quick count around your house. Click here to check out our quick article on how to properly count your panes for a window cleaning

Then you can just give us a call or fill out this quick, instant online quote tool we have.

Fifth, call us to get your personalized price:

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Minneapolis window washers: (952) 467-2447
St. Louis window washers: (636) 240-5845