Types of Windows


Types of Windows

Counting window panes for a window washing quote

After you check out how we count window panes, get a quote for window washing instantly:

Notes in addition to the diagrams below:

Cleaning storm windows: Glass storm windows (not screens) count as 3 panes (1 to remove the storm window, 1 to wash it, and 1 to re-install it).

So a double-hung window with a storm window would count as 5 panes of glass:

2 panes for the double hung window itself (see below) + 3 panes for the storm window = 5 panes.

Cleaning removable grids: If you have removable grids on your windows, do not worry — those individual squares do not count as one individual pane. We remove the grids and re-install them and it counts as only 1 pane.

Types of Windows:

2 pane double hung window cleaning
2 Panes
Double Hung
If you have an additional glass storm window behind the double hung, it would be 5 panes.
4 pane double hung windows with grid cleaning services
4 panes
Double hung with grids; count 2 for each gridded pane
3 pane double hung windows with grid cleaning quote
3 panes
Count 2 for gridded pane, 1 for non-gridded
1 pane transom window cleaning services in St Louis
1 pane
Transom window (typically above other window or door)
2 pane slider window cleaning quote in Ohio
2 panes
1 pane crank window cleaning in Minneapolis
1 pane
1 pane picture window counting for a cleaning quote
1 pane
Picture window (larger than most)