Best Oven Cleaning Method

February 24, 2021 by mikey

How to Clean an Oven

Ovens are a modern miracle. They help us prepare our favorite family meals, keep our food warm, and are a great place for seasonal decorations. But eventually, after all those delicious meals are made and devoured – the oven gets dirty. Sometimes we forget, and it’s only when it starts to smoke that we think, “I need to clean that thing.”

At best, this is an annoying inconvenience but at worst it’s an emergency. Luckily you have the power to prevent something disastrous.

What You Need to Get Started

First and most important: Protective Gear. You should have a pair of heavy-duty gloves as well as safety glasses. You will also need an oven cleaner, rags, and a sponge.

Before You Begin

Often, ovens have a self-clean option, but be careful because this is only for slightly dirty ovens. Self-clean is a setting where your oven heats itself up to a high temperature to burn up whatever’s inside. But if you have a build-up of grease or food in your oven, this function can be dangerous.

A great first step you can take is using a mixture of vinegar and water to steam the inside of your oven – we posted this tutorial here, on our Facebook Page: How to Steam Clean Your Oven

Cleaning Your Oven

First, take out the trays in your oven one by one and set them aside. As your oven cleaner is setting inside the oven, you’ll clean the racks in the sink with soap and hot water. For really dirty trays you can presoak them in oven cleaner before scrubbing.

Next, spray the inside of the oven down completely except for the heating elements. You can seriously damage your oven or cause a fire. If you have an electric oven you can spray underneath the coils, but if you have a gas oven we highly suggest just leaving that area be. You typically should let the cleaner settle in the oven for about 30 minutes.

Start scrubbing with a damp rag, if the stain is really on there switch to your sponge. Be thorough, don’t miss a spot, and certainly don’t leave any cleaner behind.