Say No to Water Stains, Here’s How

March 22, 2021 by mikey

Hard water stains are the most common stain for us to clean, and customers love how efficiently we get rid of them. Depending on how long you wait, getting hard water stains removed can be a difficult task. And sure, you can prevent hard water stains with a squeegee but you better hope you don’t miss a spot or you’ll have to deal with them anyways.

Luckily for you, we know how to conquer any stain – and you should, too! Which is why…

We’ve Got a Cleaning Hack For You:

What’s great about this life hack, besides how well it works, is that you probably already have this solution in your shower.

So, what’s the answer to hard water stains? Shaving Cream.

Yes! You can use shaving cream to get rid of hard water stains in your shower. Here’s how:


You’ll need 

  • Two clean microfiber cloths
  • One can of shaving cream


Start by taking one of your rags and spraying shaving cream into it. Wipe down any bathroom fixtures that have hard water stains.

If you have a squeegee handy use that to remove the shaving cream, if you don’t use your other rag. Be sure to spot-check!

I hope this helps you keep your bathroom a bit cleaner, without spending anything on cleaning supplies. 


If you still don’t want to clean, we get that! And that’s why we’re here! Call or click any time for your free quote!

Have a beautiful rest of your day!