• Can I get a house cleaning rate over the phone?
    We will give a quote over the phone! Call us at 636-240-5845.
  • Can I get a house cleaning rate online?
    Yes! Just click this button to get an initial pricing idea, and then give us a call to see if we can make any adjustments or clarifications — those changes over the phone could lower your price!


  • What cleaning services do you perform each visit?
    Please check out our house cleaning services page. We have a full list of all that we clean during a recurring Maintenance Cleaning and One-Time Deep Cleaning.
  • Tell me about your maids — are they trustworthy?
    Check out the About Us Page. Our employees are trustworthy, professionally trained, and reliable.
  • Will the same house cleaning team come each visit?
    We try to send the same team to your home every time. One exception: Typically, one team does the initial clean and then you are assigned a regular team on your regularly scheduled days. On occasion, due to customer rescheduling or employee days off, we do send another team. However, the quality of your cleaning should not be affected.
  • How many people will clean my home?
    We operate in teams of 1-3 depending on the size of the homes. We are proud of the fact that our  leaders have been with the company 1 to 6 years!
  • What cleaning products are used in my home?
    We bring everything so you don’t have to worry about what supplies you have on hand. We think we have the best cleaning products in the industry. Our employees are thoroughly trained on correctly cleaning your home with the proper cleaning equipment and products. Check our our cleaning products page for more information.
  • Will you use my cleaning products or equipment?
    We are required to provide Material Safety Data Sheets to our employees for chemicals used. The employee must also be thoroughly trained in the proper usage of each chemical. Therefore, we are not able to use your cleaning products.
  • Do I have to be home while you clean?
    We love to meet our customers and welcome you to be there. We also clean many homes where the customer is not at home. It is up to you.
  • How should I let my cleaning team in?
    Any method works for us — garage door code, home when we arrive, front door unlocked, key under mat or a key kept locked at our office. We handle all keys with extreme care!
  • What time will your cleaning team arrive?
    If you would like us to give you a 1.5 hour window of our arrival time each visit, just let us know. We will leave the time information each time we make our reminder call.
  • If there is a problem with my cleaning, what should I do?
    Please don’t re-clean the area yourself…that’s what you paid us for! Call us immediately and we will schedule a team to come by and correct the problem…at no charge, of course. If the problem is minor and you just want us to make a note in your file, please call, note the problem on your comment card, leave a note for your team or email us! We love your feedback and consider it a gift!
  • How do I reschedule or skip a cleaning?
    Please let us know no later than the day prior to your scheduled cleaning or we will have to charge a late cancellation fee.
  • Do I have to sign a service contract?
    NO!! We want you to have us because you love us! We have hundreds and hundreds of customers who do!!
  • Do you clean homes just once or do you have to clean long-term?
    We are looking for customers who want their home cleaned on a regular basis, but we do provide one-time deep cleaning services.
  • How do I pay for my cleaning service?
    Write us a check or give us your credit card information…no need to leave cash. We can keep your card information secure in your customer service system or you can leave a check on the counter the day of service.