Our Cleaning Products


The home cleaning products that professional cleaners use

We want to show you everything we use to clean your home. We have a mix of green cleaning and standard cleaning products, depending upon the need and your preference. Some stains are more difficult than others, which can call for standard cleaning products. Green cleaning products have their environmental benefits, but sometimes they can require more time to fully tackle a long-standing stain.

Either way, we have you covered!

Not shown are the two types of vacuums we use. One is for cleaning carpets (but it can also clean hardwood floors) and the other we use specifically for hardwood floors and underneath furniture.

Inside our professional maid service caddie

Example of professional home cleaning products that we use.

At a high level — before we dive into each product – here is an example of one of the caddies our professional maids use when cleaning homes.

With this, cleaners will also bring:

  • Brushes (for grout and other hard to reach areas)
  • An SOS pad
  • Plastic scraper
  • Toilet bowl brush
  • Multiple clothes based on purpose (microfiber for general; different colored microfiber for dusting; window cleaning cloth; bathroom cleaning clothes.)
  • Two vacuums (one for hardwood floors, one for carpets)
  • An extendable duster (general dusting and high areas)
  • Small garbage bags for small trash cans
  • 13-gallon garbage bags for kitchens and other trash cans
  • A scheduling app with specific notes for your home
  • A leave behind thank you flyer with any notes and info you may need.


Each cleaning product that we use

Green cleaning cleaning products

Green cleaning degreaser

Green doesn’t mean weak. This is the green cleaning degreaser that we use for tough stains.


Green Cleaning Surface Cleaner

Here is our green cleaning product for glass, general dusting and cleaning.


Standard Cleaning Products

Bathroom cleaner

This is the bathroom cleaning solution we use for stubborn stains. Let us know if you’d like the green cleaning alternative.


Stainless steel cleaner for kitchen appliances

This is the best stainless steel cleaner we’ve found for kitchen appliances. It does not streak as easily as other cleaners we’ve tried.


Wood Polish

This wood polish provides an excellent shine without being too glossy. It goes on smooth, doesn’t streak and gives wood an enhanced natural look.


Glass cook top cleaner

This stuff just works best for glass top stoves. We can clean with the green cleaning degreaser, but this just works faster and better.


When your tub or porcelain need a good scrubbing, this powder cleanser gets the crud out. Like any of our products, we can use the green cleaning alternative if you prefer – just let us know!

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