A housekeeping cleaning schedule that will keep your home, inside and out, looking and feeling healthy

A housekeeping cleaning is a recurring cleaning schedule that keeps your residence in order on a consistent basis, which is what our house maid cleaning services specializes in. For our Minneapolis-St. Paul area customers, typical recurring cleaning schedules are once a week, once every two weeks or once every four weeks.

Inside of the home, we provide:

Depending on how busy your schedule is or how active your household schedule is, we can create a cleaning schedule that lets you keep your priorities in order while we keep your home’s surfaces in order. These recurring cleanings we consider “Maintenance Cleanings”— cleanings designed to keep your home, townhouse, apartment and condo as healthy as possible. The standard cleaning schedules are once a week, once every two weeks or once a month.

Outside of the house, we provide:

  • Interior/Exterior window cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning and unclogging
  • Soft washing (an effective alternative to power washing)
  • Removing black streaks on roofs

To learn how we can keep your home cleaned for the entire year, at every change of the Minnesota seasons so you don’t have to worry about condition of your investment or how it looks from the curb, call our Minneapolis-St. Paul house maid cleaning services at 952-467-2447 or email

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What does a housekeeping cleaning entail?

During a housekeeping cleaning, we get into the main rooms of each residence: The kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms and bathrooms, along with any other room — rec room cleanings, home office cleanings — we cover them all. You can review our maintenance cleaning checklist to see exactly what we do at each visit.

Our Minneapolis-area home cleaners are bonded, insured, thoroughly trained and must pass a background check before working for us. Our training is guided by a business partner who literally co-wrote the industry manual on home cleaning.

Call now for a free, no-obligation home cleaning estimate: 952-467-2447, email or chat with us live online.